Why did I get $20 cash on my EBT card? (CalFresh)

What is this $20.01 cash desposit on my EBT card? #

Some households who get CalFresh (food benefits) only will also get a "cash" deposit of $20.01 one time per year.

This is called the "heat and eat" benefit - it happens because it lets the state increase food benefits for some people due to a (complicated) detail in federal law.

How can I use it? #

It is loaded onto your card as "cash" so you can use it at a store to buy non-food items if you pay for them on the EBT machine by pressing the "EBT cash" option.

Because it is cash, you can also withdraw $20 from an ATM. But it's important to use one of the ATMs that do not charge a fee for EBT users.

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