Safety Net (dot) Help is a web site to provide helpful information about programs like food stamps (aka SNAP, EBT, CalFresh), Medicaid, TANF/cash assistance in terms that are easy to understand, given how complicated most of these programs (and even the official web sites for the agencies that run them!) can be.

This site especially focuses on tips for the little details that people dealing with these programs get stuck on, but which often are not documented anywhere online.

While the goal is for all content to be up-to-date and accurate, with such complicated programs this is very difficult to get right 100% of the time. So the information here is not provided with any warranty and this web site and its contributors are not liable for any information inaccuracy or any problems that come from that. Nothing here is legal advice. This site provides a starting point, but to get authoritative information, contact the government agency in charge of the program.

If you have suggestions, feedback, or questions, contact us using our feedback form.