BenefitsCal downtime March 10-13, 2023

The BenefitsCal web site will be down for parts of this weekend. This will NOT affect being able to use your EBT card, it is just the web site.

Full downtime the evening of Friday 3/10 #

BenefitsCal will be fully down (not usable by clients) on Friday 3/10 from 8-11pm.

Case and EBT info unavailable Friday night through Monday morning #

For almost the whole weekend, case and EBT information for clients will be unavailable in BenefitsCal.

Case info will be unavailable from Friday 3/10 at 11pm until Monday 3/13 at 6am.

If you log in to BenefitsCal during this time, it might look like your case information is missing, but it is not — the system is just having maintenance done.

Sources and more information #

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